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Just in the last couple days, some of our customers who are regular Skype users have experienced a new spyware which is a "spoof" class virus, showing up on their Skype conversations with links starting either with "" or "" and ending with their own usernames.  Inexperienced users click on the links, since they are coming from trusted friends on their Skype contacts and ending in their own user names, thinking they are important links sent by friends.  This is a spoof method used by automated "bots" or spybots which then download malware on to the user's systems and begin to record all vital data and storing them for transfer online.

The links on your Skype will look something like this:

skype virus download tools by new web experts

The remedy is as follows:

* Block the URL provided from your various contacts that resemble the links discussed above.

* Change your Skype password regularly

* In the Privacy Settings in your Skype account, be sure and click "Delete Skype Cookies"

* Using (CNET's safe download page) download the following safe and FREE tools to help clean your system of any spyware:

skype virus download tools by new web experts

* Download the FREE tool CCLEANER and clean all your temporary cache files on your system.  Be sure and do this while all your browsers are closed.

skype virus download tools by new web experts

* Use the trusted tool SPYBOT to remove any spyware on your system installed after clicking the link from your Skype contacts.

skype virus download tools by new web experts

* For added peace of mind, download the FREE tool Malwarebytes and run it on  your system, in order to clean up any additional spyware/malware which may have not been detected by Spybot or your Anti Virus program.

skype virus download tools by new web experts

And finally, always remember that your PC is just like any other system which needs to be cleaned up, fine tuned and serviced every two to three months (just like giving your car a tune up).  And you can always rely on our experts to help you either remotely or in person to run diagnostic tests and perform tune-up procedures for you.

CONTACT us today to schedule a complete checkup and a major clean up on your system.