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Online SearchAnyone who’s done an online search will notice that search engines are beginning to localize your search results. You may often get a map or directory of local businesses or locations relating to your search. If people do not find you through your website directly, they may find you under a business map location, business listing or directory. This makes getting your business listed online is one of the best ways to get your business noticed on the world wide web.

Now you may ask, “How do I get my business listed online?”. Well, the truth is you may already be listed. If your business has been publicly established for a while, your business may currently be listed in certain directory websites. The larger directories such as and may have your business listed as part of public information. Try searching directories such as these, and if you find your business you should see if you can claim the listing since you are the business owner. There will be a verification process to prevent fraud and some directories may charge a fee, but most are free. Grabbing control of your business listing and making sure essential information such as address, contact information and website url is kept up-to-date.

Google Places and MapsMapquest

Most map business locations will require a sign up and verification process to list your business at your address. Google Maps, Google Places, Yahoo, Map Quest are some of the most popular online map services you should consider. If you need any assistance in getting your business listed, or getting more exposure online, please be sure to contact New Web Experts.