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Our team of New Web Experts computer consultants and gurus often need new computer parts and hardware to repair various computers and machines. We look for quality, recognized brands to ensure the parts we install last. At the same time, we search for parts at an affordable price, so we can save our clients money. The best place to find high-quality computer parts while saving money while computer consulting is

Whether you are a computer consultant on the New Web Experts team or just a regular consumer who likes tech products, should be your source for computer and consumer electronics. The site is just like most online retailers, offering regular deals, great products and affordable prices. What sets apart from the rest is that its community of users fuels the site with regular feedback, reviews and recommendations. Even if you know nothing about a particular product, if someone has bought it, you’ll be sure to find a review. This helps weed out bad computer parts and products and makes sure that the best RAM, hard drives and computer fans are found.

If you haven’t visited the site, New Web Experts highly recommends using for your next computer part or tech purchase. If you are in the Palm Springs, Riverside or San Bernardino county areas, we may be able to help you with your next computer upgrade with the help of products from If you are not in the area, New Web Experts may still be able to help you, just feel free to contact us with your questions.