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How does your website climb search engines? The answer lies within how well your website is Search Engine Optimized and Search Engine Friendly it is. But then comes the obvious question, how do you get your website Search Engine Optimized and Search Engine Friendly enough that search engines start noticing you? What factors is your website graded on? Which factors are the most useful and give you the best ratings with search engines? These are not easy questions to answer. Each search engine has their own parameters for what types of websites make the front page. While there are dozens of factors to keep in mind, New Web Experts will attempt to simplify it with our diagram below.

SEO Diagram

A couple of the most important factors to search engine placement is Relevancy and Popularity. These are broad terms and can be broken down even more to more specific factors and elements of your website. Relevancy can be simply explained as the measurement of the keywords you want to be found under and how much they show up throughout your website. Keyword density, keywords in your domains, keywords in your titles and so forth all work towards your website’s relevancy. Popularity measures the things such as backlinks, traffic of your website and most importantly quality of traffic coming to your website and website pages.

While this is a broad stroke across the topic of search engine ranking, it will go a long way into understanding how and why your website is ranked the way it is. More importantly how you can improve your search engine ranking.

If you need consultation on improving your website’s search engine ranking or replacing your outdated website with a more interactive and advanced website system, feel free to contact New Web Experts.