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Accessibility: User-friendliness and interactivity in your website

How Many Clicks?Many factors go into making a professional and effective website. One of the most important factors is accessibility. What we mean by accessibility is how user-friendly and interactive a website is. A website may have all the keywords and fancy flash components to impress search engines and viewers, but if your site is not user friendly it will all be for naught.

If you’ve ever wondered why your current website is not doing as much business as you would like, take a moment to look at your website from a new visitor’s point of view. Ask these questions: Is the information I’m looking for easily accessible? Can I navigate this site and find what I want quickly? How many clicks does it take to get to the content I’m seeking? Do I need to download additional plugins to make the site work? If you answer these questions objectively, you can start to see where your website may need improvement in terms of user-friendliness and interactivity.

New Web Experts strive to create user friendly websites. We are even available for consulting to see how your current website may be improved to help retain visitors and increase online business.