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The realm of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vast often cluttered in a sea of terminology that can overtake people looking to improve their search engine ranking. Anyone interested in their search engine ranking and legitimately climbing search engines should be aware that there are less than scrupulous methods out there employed by some website companies. These questionable SEO techniques may indeed boost your ranking. However, these results are often temporary, and they often tread into the dark waters of being classified as Grey and Blackhat SEO techniques. These techniques are frowned upon by search engines and may even get your website completely barred from any search engine recognition!

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Some SEO techniques to avoid that can be considered Blackhat or Grey are posting false or misleading reviews for your website or services; frivolously adding keywords into your content by “keyword stuffing” sacrificing reading comprehension; duplicate content/websites; intrusive redirects and hidden text/content. These are some of the most common Blackhat and Greyhat search engine tactics and should be avoided. In fact, if you can prove your competitor is using Blackhat or Greyhat tactics you can legitimately report them as spam to the major search engines. Here are links where you can file a legitimate complaint:

Google -

Yahoo -


New Web Experts only utilizes Whitehat Search Engine Optimization tactics and will never, ever use any Greyhat or Blackhat tactics. We aim to generate results legitimately and organically by providing personal consultation and applying or vast experience to helping our clients climb search engines. For more information or consultation on legitimate SEO results, please feel free to contact us.