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International film and production company Ramin Films (who are also creating the Exit the Movie project) came to New Web Experts for help with an advanced website system and branding. Being in the entertainment and especially movie industry it is very important to have an advanced website system that can handle constant content and multimedia.

New Web Experts will be focusing on providing a Search Engine Optimized website system complete with blogging capability, multimedia portfolio and professional template to give Ramin Films the best web presence it deserves. New Web Experts will also be helping to integrate Social Networking such as Facebook and Twitter to provide further exposure to the Ramin Films brand.

If you are in the entertainment industry, then New Web Experts can provide a custom multimedia website system for you or your company. The New Web Experts high-speed hosting ensures your various graphics and multimedia will be displayed for your fans to see. Start by filling out a free Quote today or by contacting us for more information on our wide variety of online marketing services.