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New Web Experts has recently started developing an advanced website system for an international martial arts drama movie. Exit the Movie is a full budget movie looking forward to becoming an international blockbuster. Before the movie has even started shooting, the Ramin Films production team realized the need for an advanced and graphically robust website system capable of handling large amounts of multimedia. They came to New Web Experts to create this advanced website system and to help with the project’s overall branding and content.

Exit The Movie New Web Experts Website coming soon

New Web Experts approaches this project with plans to create multiple versions of the site to bring the best online experience to the multitude of target audiences in Europe, Middle East and United States. Different areas of the world have great differences with bandwidth, browsers and overall online internet technology. This is a great challenge for any online media company, but New Web Experts brings its vast knowledge and experience to create the best version of the Exit movie website to the proper audience. Check back soon in the New Web Experts Portfolio to see all the details of this exciting movie project.