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Open SourceNew Web Experts are huge supporters of the Open Source community. For those that don't know Open Source means any tool, module, component, system, app or bit of programming that is freely distributed to the masses to use and modify as they wish.

Now there are a few reasons why New Web Experts actively works with the Open Source community. First, it helps us do our job much more quickly and cost-effectively; thereby passing the savings and benefits onto our clients. Second, it represents a much bigger movement in the programming community giving many programmers who are starting out a place to flex their skills and learn from both users of their programs and fellow programmers alike.

One of the biggest open source tools that we use is a Content Management System called Joomla. Joomla is an amazingly powerful platform for building advanced websites. It gives users the ability to edit their own website without needing the knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS. For the advanced web developers at New Web Experts, it is an extremely useful system for delivering modular and very flexible website systems which can adapt and grow to the client's needs.

New Web Experts will continue to support the Open Source programming community in any way it can. Through collaboration with programmers and solution providers worldwide, we can tackle any problem that stands in our way!