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Aqua Sun Ozone New Website

A brand new website redesign

Aqua Sun Ozone from Palm Springs, California has been a longstanding client of New Web Experts for years. First introduced as neighboring businesses in Palm Springs, New Web Experts then began helping Aqua Sun Ozone with computer consulting. Shortly after that New Web Experts redesigned their existing antiquated website into an advanced ecommerce website complete with redesign and a host of new features for increasing their online business and marketing. After years of service however, it was ready for Aqua Sun Ozone to redo their website.

Aqua Sun Ozone new website redesign

With the services of a new graphic artist on their team, Aqua Sun Ozone came to New Web Experts to give their website a significant overhaul. The first website change was an update to the color scheme and website design. The goal was to keep the customer in mind with a clearer and simpler website design. After much consultation and deliberation the final looks on the site were finalized. Soon after the product pages were updated to give more utility to the user with menus for the user guides and buying options. Then the product images were updated with new watermarks. Overall the changes were a drastic improvement to the already great website design that was first made for Aqua Sun Ozone. Now that the changes are complete, Aqua Sun Ozone looks forward to a new year of continued productivity and growth thanks in part to the advanced business website ecommerce solutions provided by New Web Experts.

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