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Twitter hash tags for businessNew Web Experts recently had the pleasure to teach a seminar in Palm Springs, California on the benefits of social networking for business. Twitter is one of the most viral and effective social networking tools available for business. Many people dismiss Twitter because you can only post short messages, but there is a lot of hidden potential to promoting and supporting your business behind the microblogging tool.

One of the features that helps Twitter become so viral is the hashtag. Hashtags are used to help give context or relate tweets to a particular subject. They are simply added at the end of a tweet using the pound (#) sign and then entering the trending term that the tweet relates to.

We wanted to provide some additional resources for using and tracking trending hashtags for our students at our latest seminar in Palm Springs. Find the list below and see how you can utilize hashtags for promoting your business on Twitter. - Scans Twitter tweets and activity based on hashtags. - See what’s trending directly in Twitter. - Importance of not using punctuation on hash tags. – Twitter groups formed around hashtags. – Track trends

If you are still confused about hashtags or how to utilize Twitter and other social networking tools for promoting your business, please contact New Web Experts. We specialize in giving businesses consultation on how to utilize social networking for promotion and client communication. We want to make sure Twitter and other social networking tools like it, do not become a waste of time but a valuable part of your business.