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Spas and Hotels in Desert Hot Springs

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Letting the world know about your business is the key to any successful website. The Desert Hot Springs Hoteliers Association needs to let the world know about all the various hotels, resorts and spas available in Desert Hot Springs, California. New Web Experts has helped them by revitalizing their previously simple, static website. Their new website recently launched and is already receiving great feedback, especially for the advanced features that were put in. Now running with search engine friendly PHP coding, search engine optimized content, file hosting and blogging capability the DHS Hoteliers are enjoying the fruits of New Web Experts knowledge and experience in emarketing.

Learn more about the details of this web project by viewing the portfoilio details. Work in the hospitality industry or have a hotel of your own? Let New Web Experts help you with your emarketing needs today! Feel free to contact us for questions or request a quote.

Casting Call - From magazine to online

Anyone who lived in the Burbank and Hollywood California area may remember the classic Casting Call magazine. The original Casting Call magazine was a paperback publication that was regularly distributed posting the latest movie casting calls and original interviews and stories about the entertainment industry. It was not uncommon to find a cover story in the Casting Call featuring big names in the industry such as Julia Roberts, Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks.

Casting Call

Returning from a long hiatus, Casting Call is now making the leap into the digital age, and New Web Experts is helping them. New Web Experts is not only developing Casting Call’s new advanced online web system and marketing but also their new line of video interviews. New Web Experts is proud to bring back the original Casting Call magazine with some of the most advanced and professional web technologies available for emarketing. Be sure to check the New Web Expert’s Portfolio for more details on this exciting project.

Online Ad Words For Your Website

Online AdWords have become a very popular occurrence in regard to emarketing. Google earns over $20 million dollars a year on the revenue of their AdWords advertising alone! You also hear success stories of how people jump-start their business with help from online AdWord advertising. So surely there must be something to it, and if it can work for some people it can work for your business too, right? Well, this is not exactly true. AdWords, just like paying for top search engine placement, can be deceiving when comparing perceived value and practical value for your emarketing efforts. AdWords are not always the same as paying for search ranking, as AdWords are often saturated among a broad network of sites and services. It is true that your site will gain a lot of impressions when using an AdWords system. However, for consistent results you’ll need to be prepared to invest a lot of money, especially to be featured on very popular keywords. Click rates and impressions don’t necessarily translate into meaningful impact in regards to viewing your website.

So should you bother using online AdWord advertising? It really depends on your business and how you plan to utilize the advertising. AdWords often work best with ecommerce sites offering special sales or discounts to drive people to click the ads. Simple information AdWords do not perform very well because they don’t offer any incentive for the viewer to click the ad. If you need help making the most of AdWords for your emarketing, feel free to have New Web Experts set up your campaigns and help with any of your emarketing needs.

Paying for rank

Pay for Search Engine Rank?This question always comes up when a company is looking to be number one on search engines: Should I pay for top search engine ranking? New Web Experts always turns down the thought of paying for placement. Even if the client has the thousands of dollars required to stay on top ranking, there are more fundamental principles behind New Web Expert’s stance on search engine ranking. This goes beyond the technical principals of Search Engine Optimization and goes into the realm of practical application of your website. The majority of people who use search engines are savvy enough to spot a sponsored link when they see it. Sponsored link is synonymous with advertising and most web users know that this website paid to be on top of the search. The site did not necessarily show up on the first search engine page because of the website’s relevance to the search key words. In fact, it’s found in most cases that the average internet surfers ignore the sponsored links altogether, instead going straight to the websites that turned up on the search organically.

New Web Experts has conducted valuable research into the science of Search Engine Optimization and in how to make a website more Search Engine Friendly. There are proven techniques and methods for climbing search engines organically. Clients who are interested are individually trained on these search engine secrets and techniques and are taught practical methods to apply it to their own emarketing. The results may not be instant, but they are much more meaningful and relevant to bringing more interested visitors to your site that may become customers. That’s what it means to have a successful long-term website with New Web Experts.

Google: Analytics

The latest advances in internet technology have given rise to tracking statistics. Much more comprehensive than simple hit counters, website analytics are the detailed information that makes up a website’s traffic. With a good analytics system, website owners can gain valuable insight into the performance of their website. Keeping in tune with our spotlight on the best Google products, we will be talking about Google Analytics.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is one of the best analytics systems available. Being part of the Google system it gives some of the most accurate statistics for website traffic. Traffic is broken down into multiple detailed sections. Google Analytics shows in an easy to read pie graph where your traffic is coming from either through search engines, direct traffic or referring sites. It will naturally track the traffic numbers per day and which region of the world they came from! Hits will be displayed for your most popular pages and website content. Finally, a section for site usage is perhaps the most useful feature of Google Analytics. Many vital statistics are kept in this section, including bounce rate, average time on site, new visits percentage and page views. Knowing these statistics will help make the difference between a mediocre site and a successful website. New Web Experts uses Google Analytics to manage the traffic of their website projects. Using this tool in conjunction with years of emarketing experience and know-how, New Web Experts helps fine-tune their client’s websites and online solutions to achieve the best traffic results possible.