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Printing Reprographics With New Website

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PlanIT Reprographics is a relatively new printing and reprographics company located in Palm Desert California. This upstart printing company needed to get a new website that matched their established brand and business values. After much searching and dealing with other website companies that couldn't deliver what they wanted, the PlanIT team contacted New Web Experts. Immediately New Web Experts was able to develop an amazing website design that captured the essence of the company brand. New Web Experts then helped fine-tune their online emarketing presence as PlanIT continued to expand and grow through Southern California. As they continue to expand their business, PlanIT will continue to utilize their emarketing with New Web Experts.

New Web Experts is here to help all new and established businesses. Having an effective emarketing plan and website is essential to today's business. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about emarketing, blogging, search engine optimization and more by going to the Contact page. If you need the New Web Experts to work on your next online project, get started by going to the Quote page. Learn more about this project under its respective portfolio details.

The Process

At New Web Experts we pride ourselves in delivering the best e marketing solutions available. Utilizing the latest in online technology to create a custom website package that delivers on everything the client needs. Not only for when their project launches, but also as their business grows. We are able to achieve these results because we make it point to create a strong client relationship so that we know what they need out of their online website system. This brings us to The Process of how New Web Experts approaches a new project. It can be summed up in four easy steps.

New Web Experts Proposal1) Proposal
We start by getting to know the client, their business and what they need out of an advanced website. Once we are well versed in the client's unique situation, we create a cost-effective website package. This lays the ground work for what we will be developing for the client. Once we are in agreement we proceed to...

New Web Experts Design2) Design
New Web Experts takes the ideas and concepts from the initial consultation and starts developing them into a workable website template. Custom graphics, professional design and user-friendly layouts are used to start building what will become a premium website system. Design concepts are worked on back and forth with the client until the client is happy with has been made. Our web developer will use this concept for the next step in The Process.

Website Building3) Building
After design concepts have been agreed upon, New Web Experts start to build a working website from the custom-made web templates. The actual website development and server setup take place during this step. Using HTML, CSS, PHP and other programming languages our web developers work to create a working website for the client. The client is always involved in the process, giving their feedback so that our web developers can create a robust website that covers all the client's needs. Once the site is complete it is launched to the world wide web.

Website Maintenance4) Maintenance
Once the site is launched, New Web Experts continues to provide quality post-launch services in the form of regular website maintenance, security updates, component upgrades and more. We are always available to take your questions and address your needs. A good website is never static and is constantly evolving to address new developments and challenges for the client. New Web Experts customer service and technicians are here to assist long after the website project has been launched.

The best part about this Process is that it can take as little as two weeks from start to finish! That means the client will have their advanced website solution faster and able to start developing their online presence. If you have more questions about our services, please visit the Solutions area of our website or feel free to contact us directly.

Supporting Open Source

Open SourceNew Web Experts are huge supporters of the Open Source community. For those that don't know Open Source means any tool, module, component, system, app or bit of programming that is freely distributed to the masses to use and modify as they wish.

Now there are a few reasons why New Web Experts actively works with the Open Source community. First, it helps us do our job much more quickly and cost-effectively; thereby passing the savings and benefits onto our clients. Second, it represents a much bigger movement in the programming community giving many programmers who are starting out a place to flex their skills and learn from both users of their programs and fellow programmers alike.

One of the biggest open source tools that we use is a Content Management System called Joomla. Joomla is an amazingly powerful platform for building advanced websites. It gives users the ability to edit their own website without needing the knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS. For the advanced web developers at New Web Experts, it is an extremely useful system for delivering modular and very flexible website systems which can adapt and grow to the client's needs.

New Web Experts will continue to support the Open Source programming community in any way it can. Through collaboration with programmers and solution providers worldwide, we can tackle any problem that stands in our way!

Collaborating with cities for big results

RFP Manager Logo

City public development departments are constantly busy with new projects continually improving their cities. Many of these public works departments were In need of an online solution for posting and organizing RFPs while broadcasting them to their database of contractors. New Web Experts stepped up to the web development stage to deliver RFP Manager, an all-inclusive web system for city RFP management. RFP Manager not only has the ability to post RFP files for various city projects, it also has membership security so users must log in to see any project files. Activity is tracked so that the city departments will know which contractors are interested in the job. For more details on this advanced websystem, look at the portfolio details for the project.

New Web Experts can tackle any problem or address any need for cities, corporations, small business and individuals. Bring your questions and contact us. Get started by requesting a quote today!

Helping City Councilman Greg Pettis

Greg Pettis Cathedral City Councilman Website SystemGreg Pettis is the local city councilman for Cathedral City, California. He needed a website that could keep up with his career and various activities throughout the city. New Web Experts took the static website that he had and gave it a light redesign and major upgrade to his website's capabilities. Now the councilman can manage his mailing list and send enewsletters right from his website! He is integrated with a Facebook account to stay on top of the latest social media. Greg Pettis' new website even has file hosting for sharing his published reports and documents to his website's visitors.

Learn more about this website project by viewing its portfolio details. New Web Experts is always glad to help civil servants with the latest in emarketing technology. If you are a civil servant in need of an online or emarketing solution, feel free to contact New Web Experts for a cost-effective quote.