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Google: Event Calendar

Google Calendar IconFor many businesses that hold regular events, they need an event calendar on their website to keep their visitors updated on recent events and schedules. For one, of the most useful event calendar systems we’ve found is Google Calendars. There are many benefits to using Google Calendars for organizing your schedule. One it is cloud based and can be accessed through nearly any device that has internet connection. It is simple to update and post multiple events and recurring schedules with just a few clicks of the mouse. Multiple users can be given permission to view or edit the events on your calendar. Invitations can be sent instantly for your events to your contacts, and correspondence can be set up for event activities. Google Calendars is also integrated into Google Maps to show instant directions to your event. Most importantly it can easily integrate into New Web Experts website solutions and even Microsoft Outlook. Overall it is a very useful and flexible tool while still remaining user-friendly and efficient. Best of all like most Google products, it’s absolutely free!

Google Calendar Screen Shot

Google Gadgets and Tools

Google Logo

By now if anyone has used the Internet, they will know the word “Google”. Google is one of the fastest-growing and most successful estart-up companies of the decade. Google is often synonymous with online innovation and creativity, and for good reason. Starting by developing a search engine that redefined how websites would be found and spurring the movement in search engine optimization and search engine friendliness. Riding on the success of the search engine, Google would then start in earnest with offering solutions through cloud computing. In other words, offering a variety of tools and programs exclusively via online only. Not only did these solutions work as well as some of their client based programs, but they were also free to use! All you have to do is sign up with a Google account. Google’s popularity has skyrocketed to the point they are even making smart phone operating systems and internet ready TVs! The best part about this from a web developer’s standpoint is that Google offers a variety of tools that makes New Web Expert website services much more capable, cost-effective and efficient, thus enabling New Web Experts to benefit their client’s businesses that much more.

New Web Experts will highlight some of the most useful Google tools available as well as keep you updated on some of the more exciting developments and innovations coming from the Google labs. Check our blog often for more of these informative posts.

Focus on Technology: What is Drupal?

Drupal LogoDrupal is an advanced CMS or Content Management System. Like Joomla and Wordpress it is a collective system of tools used to manage and publish content for a website. It is also open source, meaning it has a wide variety of support from users and programmers around the world. However, the key features that set Drupal apart from other Content Management Systems is that it has its own application framework and wider support for community-based websites. This means that for robust sites that will be creating and catering to its own community of users, Drupal can be used to create an extensive system that will meet all the needs of an advanced web project. A thorough membership database, specific user account control for setting specific permissions to certain users and access to a large library of extensions and plugins makes Drupal a very useful system to use for larger, more advanced websites.

If you are looking to start a community-based website then Drupal is a great Content Management System to use. New Web Experts can take the hassle out of the setup and hosting of a Drupal website system and can help develop it for you from the ground up, making sure it has all the tools and capabilities to meet your business’ needs. Contact New Web Experts and get started by requesting a quote today!

Focus on Technology: What is Wordpress?

Wordpress LogoWordpress is another open source CMS or Content Management System. It offers a very structured way to publishing content and posting it on the world wide web. Being a Content Management System like Joomla, Wordpress offers a variety of tools, components and systems that allow the user to publish their webpages without having to know all the complex code behind it. What sets Wordpress apart, however, is that it was built specifically for blogging in mind. Therefore, it has a strong focus on content creation and management making it easy to post blogs and organize them for visitors to browse.

New Web Experts has extensive experience and skill using Wordpress. It is especially advantgeous to use for simpler website packages or those clients that plan to post a lot of content on a regular basis. The flexibility is somewhat limited, but Wordpress does offer a wide variety of modules and tools to expand on its initial blogging features. Although it is not as complex as Joomla, what Wordpress does focus on, it does well. If you are a business, company or individual who is interested in Wordpress please feel free to contact New Web Experts with all your questions. If you want to get started with a Wordpress, website package from New Web Experts, be sure to fill out a request for a quote.

Web Developing in the Clouds

Cloud Computing
New Web Experts is always trying to demystify the Web 2.0 movement and the latest advances in emarketing technology. Not just to educate our visitors and clients, but to show how it can be practically applied to your own company’s website and online presence. A term that has been becoming quite popular is “cloud-based” or “cloud development”. This doesn’t mean that e-marketing has turned an interest into meteorological study. Being cloud based means that information is kept online rather than being installed on a single computer. With the advances in internet technology and bandwidth speeds being higher than ever, many solutions are turning to being cloud-based. Most webmail and ecommerce is performed cloud based, holding your data on servers rather than being downloaded directly to your computer. For those using iPhones, MobileME is a cloud-based system for syncing your phone and other vital data. Google develops solely with the cloud based structure in mind. There are many advantages to being cloud-based. For one, programmers don’t have to worry about programming for individual operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux); they can just focus on programming it for internet accessibility. Two, it is easier to access. As long as you have a device that can access the internet, you can access your cloud based solution and data anytime. Cloud technology is a byproduct of the latest in online technology. It can be very useful for your company’s emarketing and online presence. New Web Experts can help share the benefits of technology when creating a custom website package for you and your business. Feel free to contact us or get started with a project quote.